Monday, October 19, 2009


No games, No hanging out, No TV during school-able hours, No excessive internet(This one I'm working on >_<) This is the Official Lockdown. I'll focus towards getting my grades up and my work done. Today marked day one of this new regiment, I will track it's progress and see if it's more effective this way...and if it turns out to be, It shall become the norm. The plan is to max out School-able hours and get all work done by the weekends so I can have the time to relax, if even for a little bit. Hopefully this puts my Energy towards my studies and will help stimulate other parts of my life, maybe at the cost of other parts but we'll see. After this post I shall lockout all non-school-able web access til the weekend(However I will txt updates to Twitter only if I feel like it O_O). Wish me luck people, I know you'll miss me, or will you even notice?? I'll slip off into the background, straight Phantom on em. I've begun to post videos of my appearances at ODU these are places I might be found, it's mostly just for my entertainment. iight I'm out.

~Mr. Jessie Jr.~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For now

This it to that One Lady, you know who you are; yes you do.

I've spent many a day and night thinking about you, thinking of a possible "Us", smiling at the thought. I've told you how I've felt, though I feel I'm not that hard to read, however you feel I lack what it takes to be your Man. I respect your thoughts and wishes and backed off time and time again but honestly, I never stopped chasing you. However things have began to move at an accelerated pace and not just for me obviously. So knowing who you are you prolly want me to get to the point right?? Well here goes.

I've always had deep feelings for you however, you are also one of my closer friends. So what I'm saying is: I dont have to be your Man. I treasure our friendship because you are who you are, a Beautiful, Strong, Creative Woman who lives life to the limit and gets what she wants out of it. I admire that and for that I say to you, Dont leave me behind. I'm here for you, when you need someone to talk to I'm but a call away. When you need someone to be there for you know I'm already there. When you need someone to cheer you up you all ready know I'm hella good at that ;). When you dont wanna be alone know that I'll stay with you til you feel better.

I'm saying all of this because when I back off this time it will be for real. At this point and time there's just no way we can be, having realized that, at the same time I dont want to lose you as a friend. So to keep are friendship intact I've decided to back off and be happy for you and your possibilities. And if I have spend the rest of my life just being your friend I would gladly welcome it. So think about my words, by now you have to know who you are. And know that this isn't goodbye, it's the start of a new friendship between us. I look forward to next time we hangout, I know you do too haha, after all I am: Wayne Jessie Jr.


Sorry so sorry do pardon my dust, my dear readers but much has come to pass. Over the summer I've discovered much more about myself and established just how little I know about myself. Though over this time I've built a stronger, Image in the name: Wayne Jessie Jr. as well as coming a long ways from where I was. Honestly, I look back at some of my posts in FB and MS and cant believe my actions. I even found it hard to believe I said half of the stuff I wrote. I dont fear or regret these changes as they were necessary. So indeed it has been a while, I've meant to show you some luv over the summer but if you've been followin you know how that goes. >_<

So what did I do over the summer you ask?? Workin and partyin on the Weekends. As you may or may not know I turned 21 over the summer and had a ball experimenting with new beverages. I even created and christened my own Drink so named: "Mint-Drop Magic" Which has been a hit every since I conceived it. For Vaca, we went to tha Mountians, to a resort: Massanutten I believe it was called. Had a blast, got to kick it with my peoples, yall know who you are ;) checked out the Waterpark and just enjoyed myself...though the mountians were a bit drab...definitely a good choice passing up Ferrum. O_O

Well there's always more to tell but right now there is something on my mind. gonna seperate it from this one cuz I dont want the subjects to clash. I will try to keep giving you interesting things to read if you care to visit: The Life of DJ2xway.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gamer Shift

I'm bored and I must wait at this Comp. for a while; I need some solns for my practice final...Lets talk Video Games people! For the past 2 1/2 years I have been a proud Wii owner however, it is now 2009 and I have missed many great games I would like to play but these great games arent for the Wii. I cant say I regret choosing the Wii because the games I DO have are pretty great, But I'm already missing/gonna miss great games on the 360 and PS3: Fable 2. Halo 3, RE5, Street Fighter 4, The new Star Ocean, Various other RPG's I'd like the play, and Final Fantasy 13, just to name a few. This has to change; I have no intention of trashing my Wii because of certian games I know are coming: Monster Hunter 3 ^_^, There's an upcoming Capcom vs...something Japanese game, and more way down the line. However I need to get my hands on one of the other systems. I've always talked about going "Wii60"(for those of you who dont understand Wii + Xbox 360 = Wii60= having them both) but I think Final Fantasy 13 is a PS3 exclusive...this is my conundrum.

in other news I'm considering buying the new Monster Hunter Unite for PSP, even if it's just an expansion of MH2, which I have. For anyone who doesnt know: Monster Hunter is an adventure game where the concept is exactly what you'd figure; you're a hunter and you kill monsters. Now what you may not figure is: there are different areas to explore and actually more to the game than just killing monsters. You can search around and gather materials to heal and enhance yourself, after slaying a monster you run over to the body and carve off materials,(This is how you get meat which you need to keep your stamina up), you can take the materials back to the village and use them to make special weapons and armor. It's a good game that sadly not many people know of. If you're a gamer and like action/adventure, give it a try you wont be dissapointed. And that was my sales pitch(Capcom should hook me up XD).

Many people complain about the camera angles and the battle system being complicated, I'd have to disagree. In my case the only things I complain about are that my PSP is busted and that messes up my movement(which really has nothing to do with MH XD), and the lack of other people having MH to play with. I was kinda hoping that they would make this expansion Infastructure Multiplayer so that you could play with people online. Dispite these complaints I do intend to buy this game, and I'm hoping I can find some players, git @ me!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In my life 6/17/09

~~Nostalgic. I've been engaged in Summer school for about 4-6 weeks now, and it's killing me; I mean my grades in the class are surprizingly good (I have a great professor) however, if I was back at home I would have more money by now. I feel like I wont have much summer for myself which I guess is a part of growing up; as you grow you'll have less and less time to do the things you WANT because of the things you HAVE to do. I understand that, but it still has me longing the way it used to be.
~~Graditude. As I have written in the previous entry I'm taking summer school at ODU, which is in Norfolk. I live in Churchview, which is in Middlesex...yeah 2hr commute everyday mon-fri @ 6am. Not to mention the $10 to get from Middlesex to Norfolk and from Norfolk to Middlesex...everyday; Add on $2 for the coleman bridge toll. Times 5 days a week, what do you have boys and girls?? $60 a week, and for someone who lucks out on a weekend job that's a nightmare, whatwith other bills and such. However my good friend has let me stay with her in her apartment while I take my class causing me to only have to take one trip back and forth. God looks out, I am truly grateful.
~~Wondering. I've recently had many encounters with other females and I've had the opportunity to just sit down and chat for a while. Most of them ask me the same thing: "Why are you still single??" Truth be told I dont know myself. I know I have some admirable qualities in me, and I'm a Handsome guy ,if I might say so myself. I guess if I have to pick something I am a little timid. Sometimes I wish I had more drive, more swag, so to speak. Though I've improved alot since my first year in college. Sometimes I do get lonely however I'm thinking maybe for the moment I dont need a relationship. I can be alone, though I enjoy the company of a nice young lady. I think I need this time to improve myself. Maybe that's why, however I dont really know. Right now I'll just play it by ear, but sometimes I cant help but wonder.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Reflection's Reflection

Everywatch Maury?? The topics and the people that show up are pretty intense. The young ladies that show up 14 and 15 talking about having sex and kids, hitting and abusing other family members and the like. They just dont care, poor lost souls. It's sad, and sickining. The young men arent any better, cheating on they women, getting other chix pregnant and walking away from their responsibilities when they know the truth. There was a woman that came on that was married to the uncle, and had sex with the nephew and got pregnant...damn shame, on both of them.

My people my people, what is wrong?? I dont know what's worse: That there really are people out there that live like this, or that this is the kinda stuff that we call :"Entertainment".

Monday, March 23, 2009

I must be some sorta fool

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a defective guy. Everytime I come across a female with problems I cant help but to help her solve it the best I can, where some of my boyz I know would take advantage of the situation and try to "get in good" with her. As much as I see the opportunity and would like to do the same, I just dont have the heart to use a girl's emotions against her...what's wrong with me?? haha it seems it's like a natural reaction: girl has problem, I help solve, we all move on. I'm getting used to the chain of action but at the same time I wonder where I'd be if I did them just like my boyz woulda...Dont get me wrong, by no means am I longing to become that way but sometimes I wonder why caused me to become this way, and just what it's leading me to...